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  • Columbia Precast Products

    Columbia Precast Products serves the Pacific Northwest region with through its plant in Woodland, Washington, and affiliated plants in Washington and Oregon. Ron Sparks, CPP’s general manager, has built a growing relationship with Pretek Group in the last several years. Here’s what he has to say about working with the firm.

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  • Kistner Concrete Products

    Kistner Concrete Products has served the Western New York region for more than 50 years. The company operates four NPCA certified precast concrete plants that cover the Eastern Great Lakes region with a wide range of products. Michael Kistner, partner and vice president at Kistner Concrete Products, said the company has worked with Pretek Group on 20-plus projects over the years, including the engineering for arch bridges, wing walls, headwalls and Kistner’s Kast-Span, a 3-sided rigid frame bridge system.

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  • Oldcastle Infrastructure

    One of North America’s largest manufacturers of utility products and construction accessories for the telecommunications, energy, transportation, building structures and water markets, Oldcastle Infrastructure is a vertically integrated powerhouse in the precast concrete industry with a presence throughout the continent.

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  • Lindsay Precast

    With nine locations spread throughout the U.S., Lindsay Precast has been protecting what matters through their diverse line of precast concrete products for over 50 years. The company manufactures more than 200 different precast concrete products, ranging from security vaults and catch basins to manholes and pump stations. But when it comes to arch bridges, Lindsay Precast turns to its partners at Pretek Group.

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Supported Precast Structures

4-sided box culverts
(monolithic or split)

3-sided box culverts

Prestressed concrete bridge components

Arch bridges and culverts

End treatments
(wingwalls, headwalls, cut-off walls)

Bridge abutments and foundations

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