Testimonial: Industry Leaders

Kistner Concrete Products has served the Western New York region for more than 50 years. The company operates four NPCA certified precast concrete plants that cover the Eastern Great Lakes region with a wide range of products. Michael Kistner, partner and vice president at Kistner Concrete Products, said the company has worked with Pretek Group on 20-plus projects over the years, including the engineering for arch bridges, wing walls, headwalls and Kistner’s Kast-Span, a 3-sided rigid frame bridge system. Here’s what he has to say about working with Pretek. 

“We like to pick partners that are experts in their field in the technical areas, and obviously Pretek fit that niche quite nicely. What’s important to us is that we deal with the industry leaders in their field. These guys deal with this day in and day out. They don’t miss anything. They don’t overlook anything, and bring a lot to the table – a lot of historical experience, which is very difficult to replace. You don’t know what you don’t know until you miss it. And that’s where the experience really pays off, dealing with an experienced designer. They are industry partners. They support our industry well, and we certainly appreciate that. They’re responsive. We couldn’t ask for better partners. We would absolutely recommend them 100 percent.”

Michael Kistner
Partner and Vice President
Kistner Concrete Products Inc.

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