Testimonial: Highly Regarded

One of North America’s largest manufacturers of utility products and construction accessories for the telecommunications, energy, transportation, building structures and water markets, Oldcastle Infrastructure is a vertically integrated powerhouse in the precast concrete industry with a presence throughout the continent.

In the state of Florida, Oldcastle Infrastructure teamed up with Pretek Group on several projects, including a 660-foot long arch bridge with a 32-foot span and 8-foot rise that included 113 precast arch sections. Brad Boulton, engineering project manager for Oldcastle Infrastructure, worked with Pretek on the project. Here’s what he had to say:

“The first project that we worked on with them was on a private project in Naples, Florida. It was a ditch enclosure. There was a ditch that ran through the property and the owner wanted to enclose it to create additional green space. Pretek provided the necessary information that we needed to work with on the preliminary design and give us the ability to quote the supply of the precast. They did the preliminary design and takeoff information, which was essential for us to be able to look at it and determine our pricing. They’re very efficient, and I have a high regard for the work that we’ve done with them.”

Brad Boulton
Engineering Project Manager
Oldcastle Infrastructure

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