Testimonial: Communication and Responsiveness

Columbia Precast Products serves the Pacific Northwest region with through its plant in Woodland, Washington, and affiliated plants in Washington and Oregon. Ron Sparks, CPP’s general manager, has built a growing relationship with Pretek Group in the last several years. Here’s what he has to say about working with the firm.

“I was introduced to Pretek through a company that had sold an arch bridge in our area. Pretek was doing all the engineering for them and that’s how I got to know them, and it sort of built up from there. We started to expand our product line, so we approached them about engineering our retaining wall system, and now they do all the engineering for our retaining walls. We’ve also started producing noise walls and they’ve been doing the engineering for our noise wall product line. Recently we have also gotten into prestressing deck panels and so they’ve done our engineering and submittals for projects with prestressed deck panels.

“They seem to be really well versed in specialty products. They have a very good process from my viewpoint. They are responsive and they turn submittal packages around in a real timely manner, so there’s good communication. When they commit to a deadline, they typically hit the deadline, or better.

“Would I recommend them? Absolutely. The biggest reason why for me, and for Columbia, is their responsiveness. They do quality work, which is great. But their customer service and their responsiveness to their customers is a reason why I would recommend them.”

Ron Sparks
General Manager
Columbia Precast Products

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