Design Support for Engineers

Pretek Group offers many services to help engineers, landscape architects and other specifiers find the best structure for their site and ensure that a quality product is delivered at a competitive price.  Services for engineers include:

  1. Preliminary drawings and sketches that define solution options.
  2. Accurate budget estimates based on known manufacturing costs.
  3. Full construction drawings for prefabricated bridge and culvert systems including foundations.
  4. Complete shop drawings for use in the bid plans, eliminating the shop drawing review process.  This can save weeks in the project delivery schedule.
  5. Technical support in the field during installation.

We have found that projects are delivered most efficiently when bid documents provide complete and accurate plans and specifications, avoid proprietary specifications, and allow contractors the flexibility to use the most efficient solutions that fit their capabilities.  Many designers rely on Pretek Group’s specialized expertise to meet these goals.