Design-Build / CRI Support for Contractors

Pretek Group has been a trusted partner for contractors since our inception.  In design-build or cost reduction initiative efforts, we provide practical and economical solutions for short-span bridge projects.  Our design team is ready to help at any stage of a project.

  1. In the conceptual or preliminary stage, we provide options, budget pricing and support.  We offer preliminary sketches, specifications, help with construction sequences and methods, and aesthetic treatment options, as needed to determine the best solution.
  2. In the procurement stage, we provide the preliminary designs required for a solid understanding of how the structure will be installed and how much it will cost.  Firm pricing, piece weights, quantity estimates and drawings are provided as required for each project.
  3. When a project is awarded, our professional engineers are ready to quickly complete a detailed set of shop drawings and design calculations as needed for pre-construction approvals and construction at the job site.
  4. After approval, our local precast production partners begin the manufacturing process while the site is being prepared for installation.  We work with many of the best facilities in the country, all with National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) or American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA) certification.
  5. During installation, Pretek Group is available to answer any questions that may arise.  Our installation guide is available to help with critical installation day planning and for reference at any time.  A representative is also on site to coordinate shipping and answer questions.
I-69, Gibson County, IN – Converted from Conventional Beam Bridge via CRI proposal
SR 445 over CR150N, INDOT – Converted from Prestressed I-Beam bridge on MSE Abutments via CRI proposal